Carreaux Joint

Carreaux joint is a product made of mineral llers and binders, allowing the production of
joints of tiles, marble, sandstone, etc.
The joint width can be up to 15 millimeters



Pour the product in the water (approximately 1 liter for 5 kg of “carreau joint”).
Mix well before using it .

Application Method:

Apply the product diagonally to ll in the joints using a trowel or a squeegee.
Remove the overow with a damp sponge before the hardening of the joints.

Conservation :

Don’t store it in wetlands.
Don’t store it directly on the oor.



Color white with possibility of other colors (your choice).
Working time up to 2 hours at 40 ° C maximum.
Full curing time about 12 hours.
Consumption: 0.5 to 2 kg / m2 according to the shape and the width of both the tiles and the joint.