Cement Glue 105

CEMENT GLUE 105 S is a tile adhesive made of hydraulic binders, mineral and organic
additives, with high performance.
This powder allows the implementation of dierent types of tiles with excellent bonding and
perfect adhesion with any type of surfaces, having the advantage of the ease of use.



* Pour CEMENT GLUE 105 S in clean water (1.2 liters per 5 kg of powder).
* Mix well to get a smooth paste that sticks on the trowel.
* Let the smooth paste stand on before the use.


* Spread CEMENT GLUE 105 S on the surface without exceeding 2 m².
* You’d better to distribute (spread) CEMENT GLUE 105 S with a comb.
* Once the surface is ready, place coatings.
* First You should adjust the position of the coating then adjust the atness with a mallet.
* It is recommended to do not use wet tiles before applying.


* Keep out of wetlands.
* Do not store directly on the oor.


Colour White / Grey
Mixing ratio from 23 to 25%.
Working Time 7 hours.
Drying time 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Open time from 20 to 30 mn under 23 ± 2 °C
Consumption between 4 and 5 kg / m²