The CHAPDUR SOFAP is a ready to-use mixture of cement, additives and hard aggregates with
a well studied size



The average consumption of CHAPDUR SOFAP is reaching 6 kg / m² allowing to obtain a
enhanced surface with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm.
Preparation of the coated surface:
– The thickness of the concrete’s slab must be at least 15 cm of thickness.
– You should level the fresh poured concrete by the use of a vibrating beam. You’d better
smooth the concrete (it’s recommended to use a mechanical trowel) as soon as it permits.
Sprinkling of chapdur:
when the concrete start curing, you must spread the CHAPDUR SOFAP, homogeneously,
manually or with a suitable tool.
Once the CHAPDUR is moistened by the concrete’s water , begin with the mechanical
Curing time:
a. Foot trac: 1 to 2 days
b. Trac of light gear: 5 to 7 days
c. normal trac: 28 days
Cleaning :
Immediately after application, the cleaning of working tools should be made with water
before the curing of the cement


12 months in unopened packaging and protected from humidity and without direct contact
with the ground.