Lika Fina

Finishing coating based on hydraulic binders, mineral ller and various chemical additives.
The coatings are intended for the exterior nishing of the facades of brick masonry, cinder
blocks, stone concretes etc …
Coatings colored in the mass



Manual or mechanical: Pour LIKA FINA into clean water (5.5 to 6 liters of water for a bag of 25
kg of powder) Mix to obtain a homogeneous mixture then Mix again before use.


The Working temperature: between 5 and 35 ° C. Do not apply on hot surfaces or exposed to
the sun. It is recommended to moisture the substrates abundantly in hot weather before


12 months from the date of manufacture, in original sealed packaging protected from


Powder density 1.30 to 1.40 kg / L
PH 12.5
Paste Mixing ratio (W / W) 18 to 100/20
Employment rate 24 hours
Drying rate 2 to 3 hours
Time between passes 2 hours to 3 days maximum
Hardened product Flexural strength 1.7 to 3 MPa
Compressive strength 3.5 to 7 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 2 Mpa
Consumption 6 to 7k g / m²