Marbre Glue

Marble Glue is used to bond (to glue/to stick/to paste) the marble tiles on dierent surfaces
either horizontal or vertical.
Marble Glue is basiclly made of hydraulic binders and mineral additives, with excellent
adhesion with the coated zones.
Our product gives you the advantage of the ease of application and the whiteness that
avoids, later, the appearance of unwanted stains on the coated surface.



Put the Marble Glue in clean water (1 liter per 5 kg of powder).
Knead the mixture to get a smooth dough that sticks in.
Don’t use the dough before 15 min Color



Spread the Marble Glue on the surface without exceeding 4 m2.
Divide Marble Glue with a comb(combination spreader comb) and then place the coatings.
Adjust perfectly the position of the coating and the atness of the mallet.


Don’t store it in wetlands.
Don’t store it directly on the oor.


Color White
Mixing ratio 20%
Working Time 7 pm
Necessary time for Drying from 2 hours to 2 hours 30 MN.
Consumption 4.5 kg / m2.