Mura Glue

Mura Glue is a glue based on checkered hydraulic binders and mineral and organic additives,
with high performance.
Mura Glue allows the implementation of dierent types of tiles with an excelent hooking and
perfect grip with all types of surfaces.
It have the advantage of the ease of application compared to the conventional cement.
Allows the installation of new tiles over old ones.



* Pour the Mura Glue in clean water (1.2 liters per 5kg powder).
* Knead to get a smooth paste very adhesive, it should be applied by trowel.
* Leave the Smooth paste rest on about 15 minutes before use.


* Spread the glue on the surface without exceeding 2 m².
* Spread the glue with a comb and place coatings.
* Adjust the position of the coating and the atness of the mallet.


* Keep out of wetlands.
* Do not store directly on the oor.


Color White / Grey
Mixing ratio from 23 to 23%
Working Time 7 hours
Open time from 20 to 30 mn at 23 °C
Drying time 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes
Consumption from 4 to 5 kg / m²