Murenduit Red

Murenduit Red is a white powder made of mineral llers, organic binders, and additives. Available in
25kg Kraft bags 3 plastic protective folds.

  1. Interior use (indoor)
  2. Manual application
  3. Easy to be used and projected
  4. Perfect adhesion with all coated surfaces



Preparing the dough:
* Put the product in clean water.
* Amount of water: 1 liter for 2 kg of powder around.
* Kneading to obtain homogeneous dough (paste), the thiknes depends on the use.
* Don’t use it before 15 minutes.
* Working time is approximately 24 hours.


Intended to repair and to resurface the walls and the ceilings.
Allows an interior decoration « droplet » type


12 months in the original packaging, don’t store it in dry places and keep it far from the ground.


Bulk density 0,75 kg/L
Color White
Dough mixing rate 45% to 55% depending on the application
Use Rate 24h
Drying rate 24h
Consumption 900 g / m² per mm thickness
PH neutral or slightly alkaline, Compatible with all types paintings
C shore hardness 80 shore